Northern Child – Daily Log 1

By November 25, 2013 Uncategorized
Northern Child heads along the Rhumb Line while El Ocaso dives South
Hello everybody!  We left with a beautiful breeze and very quickly got very wet; wind has now settled again, we had an interesting afternoon of practicing reefing and gybing.  The language barrier is very quickly coming down and all the crew seem to be getting along fine, slight change to tonights dinner of beef stir fry as the beef had not defrosted from our amazing freezer full of goodies.
As the sun set and the nav lights glowed the smell of vegatable curry drifted across the boat hopefully a quiet night crawling away from Las Palmas.
We had a little tussel with EHO1 on the first leg but as the rain cleared they were no where to be seen but we do have the best dinner 🙂
Catch you all Tomorow
Goodnight from Northern Child and all on board.