A Change of Pace – Cruising in the Mediterranean

By August 4, 2016 Uncategorized

From the hectic Caribbean racing schedule to relaxed cruising in the Mediterranean, Northern Child has had a change of pace this summer!

Her first cruise took her from Marseilles to Nice crewed by a group of friends. The early July sun was certainly shining on Northern Child, giving the trip an idyllic setting as they anchored in the fabulous coves of the Calanques, toured the Riviera and generally relaxed and unwound on the roomy and comfortable Northern Child. At the end of a week which felt just too short, the group were dropped off at in the bustle of Nice, and Northern Child, Lucy and Julie set off southwards to the Bay of Naples.

In Naples the heat was more pressing than even the notorious crowds, with the temperature getting into the high thirties every day. There were many places for Northern Child to visit on this next cruise, from Ischia to Capri, and turning the corner to visit the magnificent Amalfi coast and moor in the azure waters. Swimming in the beautiful cool waters was one of only a few ways to escape the midday heat and Northern Child was able to find new places to enjoy the water every day.

We hope that the crews of both charters enjoyed their Mediterranean escape, and we certainly look forward to doing more of the same in the future!