ARC – North or South?

By November 30, 2016 Racing News

The ARC is well into its second week and with a low pressure disrupting the trade winds at the start, boats had to make a choice; go North and take advantage of the small depression that had formed mid Atlantic or head South along a more traditional trade wind route and hope that you get to the the trade winds first. This should be the more comfortable route but how far South would they have to go?

There is a distinctive split in the fleet those that went North and those that went South. It is hard to tell which was better, Aphrodite our Swan 46 took a northerly route and is currently 1st in racing C, but the leader board alternates North boat, South boat, North boat, South boat so it is too early to say which route was best.

For Rambler 88 the lead boat in the ARC, the North route was a successful choice as they arrive into St Lucia on Monday afternoon taking 1h 10 minutes and 15 seconds of the ARC record.  For the rest of the racers and cruisers out there the trades are settling in, so the boats in the south may have a more favourable wind angle for the final 1500nm to St Lucia.

Fair wind and safe sailing to all those sailing across.