Day 10 on Southern Child

By December 4, 2014 Southern Child

Position 1200: 18*54′ 168N 043* 57′ 271W

Daily Run: 159Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 1015Nm 
The beautiful weather is back and the kite is up again. This afternoon we will treat ourselves to a fresh water shower. Any minute now we will pass our next milestone – 1000Nm left to St. Lucia. We still have a lot to go, but we’re on the home stretch, and we can feel it.
We’ve started talking about our arrival and planning it. When to clean, what’s our arrival song etc. The days are flying by and that marvelous day is closing in fast.
However before we get to carried away there are still plenty of miles to go and there is still a race to be had. So we’re also trying to keep our heads in the boat and keep her going as best as we can. Last night a friendly boat popped up on AIS as Lancelot II (exactly the same boat as us, with friends on board) so had a chat with them as they had overtaken us by 6 miles the day before we were waiting for them to show up. It’s amazing how in the middle of the Atlantic you’re never truly far away from people!
Highlight of the day: eating warm food in the bad weather!