Day 13 on Southern Child – wind up, reef in, wind down

By December 7, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 16* 29′ 28N 052* 05′ 21W
Daily Run: 176Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 530Nm
Whoa – what happend?! At 6am this morning we go on watch (Rachel, Lars & Johanna).The wind is still doing 15-20knots and we take our positions on deck. Only minutes later it gets windier. And windier. And wet, wet, wet! A squall comes over us with wind quickly getting up to 35-37 knots and torrential rain. We put the 2nd reef in the main (we already had one in) with some struggle of trying to see and hear each other and get back on course. And suddenly we have 0.5 knots of wind. Then follows a flurry of varying wind speeds, a 360, reefs down and up again, flashes of lightening, wind direction changing between 350 and 150 and so much rain that the palms or our hands (and feet in Harriet and Rachel’s case) turn white!
An interesting watch for sure!! All has now gone back to normal now as the watch has changed. And we’re hoping of more of the same (normal) weather from the last 24 hours to keep crunching into our remaining 530 miles!!!
Highlight of the day (and it’s only morning): Skipper Harriet’s famous bacon sandwiches, served inbetween downpours.