Day 9 on Southern Child – Counting Waves

By December 3, 2014 Southern Child
Day 9 03/12
Position 1200: 19* 39′ 50N 041* 29′ 07W
Daily Run: 169Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 1164Nm 
Day 9 started off wonderful. We were doing good speed and direction and could take a day off from the kite. At 6pm we set the clocks back an hour (for the second time) and used the bonus hour to get together and celebrate being halfway to our destination. Full and content, Starboard watch went to bed and Port watch went on duty. Two hours in the weather took a drastic turn for the worse, as if to remind us that ‘halfway’ is just another word for smack bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But we came prepared, of course, and sailed on through the night in pouring rain and wind speeds up to 30 knots (full foulies once again necessary). There’s still no opening in the clouds but we keep trucking along, getting closer to St. Lucia for every drop that falls on us.
Highlight of the day: The long swooshing waves that let us have a surfing challenge at the helm last night. Gum-flapping Scallywag Cedric let his gums rest (for once!) while he focused and took home the record of 81 waves surfed in ten minutes over Harriet’s 80!