El Ocaso Daily Log – 1-5

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El Ocaso Daily Log 1-5
Distance Logged: 456Nm2269Nm
Distance to Target: 2269Nm

Lunch Menu – Bacon Sandwiches

Dinner Menu – Tomato pasta bake

We do apologise as we have just realised we are already at the fourth day at sea and not written anything.  We have been very busy with watching the weather and trying to pick ourselves back up into the fleet with some great sailing (including getting the spinnaker up for a test try to then find we have several days of upwind sailing to go). We have settled in very well to life on board the good ship El Ocaso from daily chores to being able to sleep at any time of day!! Up until now everyone has slept most of the time off watch (minus last night as the skipper nearly got catapulted out of bed on the odd ocassion). The Atlantic Ocean is very impressive and beautiful, every day there is something new to see and keep us entertained. Every night is just as impressive as we have up until 0100 before the moon comes up to star gaze! Dinner is becoming a highlight of the day as the off watch crew get woken up to the smells of food from the galley. We have had the fishing line set up for a few days now, Xavier’s watch (Ola and Dominique) apparently caught something but it managed to get away, unfortunately we didn’t catch any Mahi Mahi today. But we can try again now as we have slowed down enough. We have found ourselves heading slightly SSE as we’re trying to skirt ourselves around a hole of no wind, with only 8 knots on the outskirts of it. However we are still managing 4 knots, so fingers crossed we can carry on moving South before losing too much to the West. The start was great fun as we were with both Northern Child and EH01 across the line and were in close proximity for a good few hours until a big squall came through and we could barely see around the boat! The only downsides of the trip so far have been a near loss of a winch handle just before the start (I did say they were magnetic to the sea!) and a few crash gybes which have been saved by our trusty preventer and without any damage to crew or boat.

Best get back to checking that weather and see how we’re doing!
Speak next time
Harriet and Children of El Ocaso…