El Ocaso – Daily Log 10-12

By December 6, 2013 Uncategorized
Northern Child passes the half way mark, shortly followed by El Ocaso
Distance Logged: 1120Nm
Distance to Target: 1580 Nm
Lunch Menu – Chorizo and cheese wraps
Dinner Menu – Rice salad

It was on El Ocaso
The skipper Harriet Mason
With 1st mate Xav and Ove, Dom
And Ben and Ole chosen
The Northern Child and Oyster
To gain on them they’d hoist’a
All sleeping bags and handkerchiefs
As long as it wasn’t moist-a
And now the wind is dying
And everybody’s crying
And yet the sun is scorching down
It makes you feel like frying
At first it was all jolly
As after last night folly
Of having 37 knots
It being rather squally
They started putting kites up
And keeping them all night up
They only do a knot or two
Mainly trying not to stop
And that’s why they have time
To sing and dance and drink wine
And everybody contributed to this masterpiece rhyme.
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso..