El Ocaso – Daily Log 13

By December 8, 2013 Uncategorized
Slow going on the Atlantic, but Harriet and Mark are guiding their ships steadily to St Lucia 🙂
Distance Logged:  1213 Nm
Distance to Target: 1487 Nm
Lunch Menu – Soup
Dinner Menu – Tuna pasta bake
So yesterday we managed to fly the spinnaker from Thursday afternoon, all through the night all the way until yesterday late afternoon, until we finally got a wrap in the spinnaker and decided to take it down before sunset.
We had a lovely superyacht, Nilaya, motor past us yesterday afternoon on their delivery to the caribbean. It was good to see there is somebody else ouut there after days of sighting literally nothing. We also managed to catch another Mahi Mahi which we had for dinner with our rice.  Positively surprised that we have not yet sighted any civilization debris floating, except for ourselves!
We are still waiting for the wind, we have had a few patches of wind today of up to 13 knots for about 30mins each. It all felt very strange actually moving again!! Due to the wind being so variable today, we went for option of no kite as most of the time when it did kick in, we were going upwind. We’ve had about 8 knots of wind on average most of the day so atleast we are actually moving, think it may be a big shock to the system when the 20-25 knot winds kick in early next week!!
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso..