El Ocaso – Daily Log 14

By December 8, 2013 Uncategorized
Distance Logged:  1320 Nm
Distance to Target: 1380 Nm
Lunch Menu – Soup
Dinner Menu – Chicken tikka masala

The night was dark, damp and hazy, almost foggy. The excitement was another sail that had been spotted behind us on the horizon. They stayed with us for about an hour and a half before disappearing off to the South before dawn.  
The morning brought a light breeze, 8 knots, taking us upwind but making us move in the right direction!  News that the first boats have crossed the finish line, whilst we are slowly but surely prepping to celebrate the mid-Atlantic waypoint.
A proper ocean swell started to build up and now we are all just waiting for the mystical tradewinds of an Atlantic crossing to establish, which will hopefully send us on a speedy downwind sleighride towards St. Lucia!!!
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso..