El Ocaso – Daily Log 15

By December 10, 2013 Uncategorized
Northern Child, El Ocaso and EH01
Distance Logged:  1402 Nm
Distance to Target: 1298 Nm
Lunch Menu – Egg sandwiches
Dinner Menu – Mahi mahi in a white wine sauce with roast potatoes, then brownies!!!
There have been 2 main events over the last 2 days.  One of these will be described in less detail, the reader of this blog will be pleased to know.
Event 1 – Curry meal
1. chicken curry
2. 3 x explosions
3. BSC reference 7-8
4. Further developments to remain undisclosed
Learnings: If given a choice always opt for Staffordshire chickens over Norfolk!
Event 2 – Mid point Atlantic
Yesterday evening we passed the half way point!! After 2 weeks chasing the elusive trade winds we now hope that we will find them any day now so that the second half of the passage could be made in about a week.  Of course this has to be celebrated with a party!  As this blog is being written up the skipper is making brownies in the galley whilst the crew prepare a 4ft long mahi mahi we caught for dinner with roasted potatoes and a white wine sauce…. A real treat!!!
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso..