El Ocaso – Daily Log 16-17

By December 12, 2013 Uncategorized
El Ocaso now with under 700nm to go

Distance Logged: 1706 Nm
Distance to Target: 994 Nm
Lunch Menu – Bruschettas
Dinner Menu – Chorizo korma
Day 16
Was a good day – a turning point. Past mid-Atlantic point and it stopped raining, the wind picked up and finally shifted in the right direction and it was all celebrated with a delicious meal. The giant mahi-mahi (that cost us a blade!!!) in white wine sauce, prepared by the chef on duty, Uve, after an ancient swedish recipe. Nightwatches flew by as El Ocaso cut through the ocean swell like the jackdaws through the evening sky,  The new week presents itself from its best side with sushine and solid 15 knot winds, carrying us towards St. Lucia!!
Day 17
Started off as quite a cloudy day with spots of rain throughout the day. However towards the end of the day it started to brighten up and through the night the wind started to shift more and more behind us! This morning we found ourselves very close to another boat crossing from Gibraltar via Cape Verde Islands towards Barbados. We had a lovely chat with them this morning as the sun came up and as we got ready to put our spinnaker up, during the day we have gradually lost them behind us over the horizon! Spirits have been lifted even more as we have passed the 1000Nm to go mark, and everyone is trying to get some great speeds out of our 147sqm kite! It has been a very hot day and we are urging everyone to keep drinking plenty of water, keep covered up and putting plenty of suncream on as we still have a few more days to go and do not want anyone to start feeling ill as it is very difficult to feel better in this heat!!
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso..