El Ocaso – Daily Log 6

By November 29, 2013 Uncategorized

Distance Logged: 432
Distance to Target: 2268

Lunch Menu – Freshly caught Mahi Mahi!!
Dinner Menu – Chicken tikka
General Blog  29/11
Crew Member Name: Benjamin
Age: 32
Born and raised in Berlin, Germany.
Started sailing at the age of 13 on the rivers and lakes in Berlin, then went on to do the RYA Day Skipper and began chartering in the med for vacation. After having spent the last 4 years in the deserts of the arabian peninsula, with little no possibility to persue his hobby of sailing, he decided that crossing the Atlantic Ocean would be just the right antidote.
Days 5-6
After a calm, clear night, which displayed a magnificent view of stars and the night sky, the day started with a no less impressive red sun slowly climbing above the horizon. El Ocaso and children were greeted by dolphins which accompanied the boat for nearly an hour. Then the wind started dying and came to a complete halt just before dinner. After bobbing around for a while, the dog watch was blessed with a constant 10 knot wind that got us going again. In the morning hours, as we watched a bird nearby, and just commented on maybe there will be fish around this area, did we suddenly look to the end of our line and saw a fish!! Woken by the noise, Dom, the designated harpooner and dedicated fisherman, jumped up from his bed and, together with Xav, brought in what was originally thought to be a Mackerel, and after further discussion and talk that we had never heard a Mackerel to be in the Atlantic, and to be told that the fish “looked like a disco ball” when it came out of the water, the decision became that it was a Mahi Mahi. Which will become a lovely lunch for us!! We are now trucking along at 277 in 15 knots from the SE which is lifting everyone’s spirits after yesterdays slow movement.  It feels like we have nearly made as much ground today as we did all day yesterday!!!
Well best get cooking this fish for lunch…. it is fish friday in St Lucia today after all!!
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso.