El Ocaso – Daily Log 7

By December 1, 2013 Uncategorized
Distance Logged: 541nm
Distance to Target: 2159nm

Lunch:  Tuna Mayo baguettes
Dinner:  Spaghetti Bolognese
CrewProfile: Ove Ericsson
Age: 50
Originally from Sweden, now living in Bournemouth, UK.  Although I started to sail a laser when I was a teenager, I was introduced to yachting by my wife about 10 years ago when she booked us into a sailing course. After that she bought a 27 foot yacht which we sailed  in Sweden. It was great fun and on a night watch going down the north coast of Sweden 600 miles down to Stockholm I really got the sailing bug. Since then I’ve read a lot of circumnavigation books and crossing the Atlantic books. I’ve been intrigued as to how it would be to cross an ocean. So when the opportunity came up to sail El Ocaso, and as I’m currently on garden leave, I didn’t hesitate long to sign up.
Since Benjamin wrote the blog yesterday it has been raining more or less constantly, so we have a rather wet crew by now. The crew keep the morale up in spite of this and we have a great experience of the Atlantic also under these circumstance. The Mahi Mahi we caught yesterday tasted fantastic for lunch. Oven baked with butter and herbs and with roasted potatoes. You can’t get it much fresher!
It’s now 10 o’clock in the morning and we are just in the process of changing watch. When I look out of the window there are no birds. We have seen quite a few every day even after we have been far away from land this week. Yesterday, as an example, when we another even bigger Mahi Mahi than the first, on the hook a sea bird came out of nowhere and kept very close to the hook as we tried to hoist it on board. Unfortunately the hook wasn’t strong enough so the fish escaped and neither we nor the bird got a meal!
Last night we put a reef in our main for the first time since leaving Las Palmas just before we all settled down for dinner. We knew at some point we may be getting strong winds through the night but weren’t 100% sure when and for how long they would last. On our 0000-0300 shift, when we thought the wind would fill in, we found ourselves in another wind hole of 8 knts or less at times which was very frustrating. However, when we awoke at 0600 this morning the other watch had found the wind and were flying along in 18-20knots from the SE, as we are heading SW this was very handy for our course! Over the past 4 hours the wind gradually picked up, with the odd gust of 30 knots, as we are sailing downwind this has given us a great fun watch of surfing down waves and finally heading in the right direction! We have just found out that we dropped back from 3rd place to 19th yesterday as we ended up heading South rather than West which is quite frustrating, the good is we now know what we can achieve and we’re ready to take it back!!!!
Speak next time.
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