El Ocaso – Daily Log 9

By December 3, 2013 Uncategorized
El Ocaso Daily Log 5

Distance Logged: 839 Nm
Distance to Target: 1861 Nm

Lunch Menu:  Fried toast with eggs.
Dinner Menu:  Chorizo korma with rice.
Still no fish!! Trying to get the 2 fishing boys (Dom and Xav) to get their act together and start catching stuff we can actually pull in and not just pull hooks off! So last night the wind started to drop off but we managed to keep speed and course as much as possible towards St. Lucia. The plan had been this morning in the light breeze from the direction it had been all night was to get the spinnaker up as soon as possible and start racking up some miles directly towards st. Lucia. We have woken up to find 15 knots of wind, coming from the side of the boat rather than behind, as dissappointing as it is to not be able to put the kite up we are still flying along in the right direction!! Through the night we noticed quite a lot of planes going over head and started to think about how it would only take these people 8 hours to get to the Caribbean, and when they arrived they would be completely dry and not smelling quite like we do right now!!  We had another beautiful night last night and finally, we’re beginning to not have to put quite so many clothes on to go up on deck during the night. We had 2 rain squalls come through but didn’t really last longer than 5 minutes, so of course this morning the deck has become a chinese laundry once more, with all of the cushions etc all being piled up on deck into the sunshine! It is blue blue sky!
Speak next time.
Children of El Ocaso..
[For family and friends that are unsure how to follow us, if you go onto either the ARC website or the Yellowbrick website the ARC tracker should be easily shown to follow us]