El Ocaso – Daily Log 8

By December 2, 2013 Uncategorized
Distance Logged: 810nm
Distance to Target: 1890nm
Lunch:  Fried egg sandwiches
Dinner:  Chorizo cous cous
Crew Profile: Dominique Marxer (Crew call me “Dom”)
Age: 25
Born and raised in Liechtenstein.  I have sailed from childhood on my holidays in the mediterranean on a small heavy motorsailor. The reasons that I am crossing the Atlantic are to improve my skills and give me more experience to get my high sea licence and, of course, for fun!
Apologies for not sending a blog yesterday, we spent most of the day in the sun drying ourselves and our clothes out or catching up on sleep from the night before!! It rained for nearly 3 days in a row, Boat and crew were very wet. On Saturday night we decided to put our first reef into our main as we were expecting a bit more breeze than we had so decided to get it done sooner rather than later!  On the 9 -12 watch with Harriet, Ova and Ben, the wind started to pick up and was getting harder to drive, so Xav woke up to help out on putting the 2nd reef into the main and dropping the headsail. Towards the end of this watch, Harriet managed to score our high speed of 11 knots with 2 reefs in the main and no headsail… A lot to live up to now! The wind picked up through the night and the rain did not stop coming!! Our max. wind strength we reached was 37 knots, as we were going downwind the whole time it made things slightly easier.
Yesterday, however, was the complete opposite, as the sun came up the weather became very calm and the sun actually came out for the first time in days!! The crew have taken this opportunity to turn the boat into a chinese laundry. On the afternoon watch, we caught a big tuna on the fishing line, everyones eyes lit up with the thought of dinner!! We think it must have been about 1.5m long, unfortunately we only have a hand reel so were finding it difficult to bring it in when the tuna broke the hook off of our lure.. That is now the 2nd hook broken off our lures, I think they seem to attract more than they can hold! We have had a swap around in lures and hooks and have found our gaff to get them on board so are now fully prepared for the next one! Last night was completely clear and wonderful. It’s an indescribable feelin to sail through that sort of night!
Speak next time.
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