Les Voiles de St Tropez announce a new programme shaking up the regatta for the 22nd edition, commencing at the end of September 2020. Traditionally a week long regatta, the event has been extended to 2 weeks , welcoming more boats to participate in the legendary regatta, separating the smaller boats from the larger. Classic and modern yachts will race in the first week, as usual with a size limit of up to 24 m – except for specific classes. The usual program remains unchanged.

During the 2nd week of October 5 to 10, large Classics and Maxi Yachts will also compete in the gulf of Saint-Tropez, adding to the spectacle that St Tropez is well known for.  “The major new feature revolves around offering the big and very big boats – classic and modern alike – referred to as Les Voiles Super Boats, their own exclusive week from Monday 5 October. By not mixing them together with the rest of the fleet, we’re making every effort to help them evolve as well as offering them the priceless opportunity to enjoy some starts at the Tour du Portalet, just in front of the port of Saint Tropez. Indeed, up till now, notably with a view to safety, some of the boats had rounds either outside the bay or off the beaches of Pampelonne.” explains Tony Oller, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez.


From the 26th September to the 3rd October,2020

Modern IRC boats:
• 28 to 30/09: Coastal courses
• 1/10: Lay Day
• 2/10  Coastal courses
• 3/10:  Coastal courses and Prize-giving

On the 4th October, Les “Voiles Super Boats” starts.

From the 4th to the 10th October, the WALLY Class, the different categories of the International Maxi Association Class but also the Schooners and the Big Boats(GTR) in the category of the traditional boats.

• 6 and 7/10: Coastal courses
• 8/10: Day off or Reserve day
• 9/10: Coastal courses
• 10/10: Coastal courses and Prize-giving


Les Voiles de St Tropez


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