Northern Child Blog 29th November

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Our crew has fully settled in after 5 full days at sea, the evening is getting close and we are getting set for night no 6. 
My watch will start in 20mins being the 18hrs until 22hrs stint, 4 hrs of sleep and then again from 2am to 6am ……….. short interruption, lots of excitement on board as c.50 dolphins just arrived and have been showing off around the boat, one youngster jumped 2 meters out of the water, what an amazing show!…… excellent vibes in the crew. 
We are getting more used to the night shifts and the bumpy ocean road. Although you might think a crossing is hard work, today was more a ‘day at the beach’, relatively light winds, blue skies, magic views with the odd black wolf in the form of a squall. 
This afternoon we served mahi mahi’s from yesterday’s catch with some white wine, a real treat. We have now changed the lure we are trailing for one attractive to tuna to accommodate the sashimi orders coming in, such a demanding crew. 
After beating for a few days, winds are turning more to the stern and we expect to hit the trade winds highway tomorrow. At night we are pushing the boat for speed, yesterday night we experienced variable winds, lots of stars (clear sight of Jupiter, via the Starwalk II app which sets out the star universe) and lots of shooting stars – we are running out of wishes. 
So that’s it for today, our watch starting and we will be having pasta carbonara for dinner! Rudder is holding well. 
As you can read, life on the ocean is tough  
29th  1800  19’17.4N  27’31.8W….