Northern Child – Daily Blog 3

By November 26, 2014 Uncategorized
Last night’s Spaghetti Bolognesi prepared by Jaime confirmed Northern Child’s legendary tradition for the highest culinary standards. Accompanied by a nice glass of red, her sumptuous meal made sure Watch I was well-prepped for some serious sailing into the sunset, while Watch II dosed into some deserved hours of “rest”.   “Rest” is still the best way to describe the state of being off-watch because we are evidently not yet tired enough to ensure the sea’s swells don’t interfere with a good sleep (and Xav’s snoring doesn’t help either).   
Today’s activity was marked by Chris doing an acrobatic monkey swing to the end of  the pole to right the topping lift and the temporary lowering of the main sail to carry out a minor reparation on the vang.  Arie started his much anticipated fishing expedition with some of the gear we bought in Las Palmas. However, at the time of going to press, no fish had taken any of his  shiny bait, so we will have chicken stir-fry for dinner tonight instead. 
Winds at a favorable 20-25 kts from the north east, no rain to speak of and pleasant temperatures all ensure crew morale remains at a high.