Northern Child – Daily Log 11

By December 5, 2013 Uncategorized

Day 11 on the Atlantic – Getting there – Slowly!


Distance to go at 1137 utc 1172nm
Distance travelled so far at same time 1841nm
position 20 38 491N 41 27 486 W
Good morning everyone!  Well a very pleasant evenings sail with a huge wind shift at about 0230 so we are now preety much beam reaching heading a little south of st lucia to try and avoid a wind hole which is closing in on us from the south west.  Our average speed over the entire race so far has been 6.9 knots which if we take all things into coinsideration is quite respectable, looks like another 7 days at sea although there are stronger breezes forcast for the last 200 or so miles – happy days.  Last night as the winds increased and the boat moved at around 11 knots a mild squall passed us by then one by one the stars reappeared and all went calm again.
There once was a skipper called mark
Who knew how to sail in the dark
He tutored his crew so they could too
Now they are much less likely to CARK
Crew Profile:  Ulrich Dopfner 53 years young sailed 470s as a teenager, started sailing yachts in the Med, Baltic Sea and English Channel six years ago. I saw Northern Child in Weymouth during the olympic sailing events and fell in love with her.  Glad to be on board with this truly international crew, qualified as an anethetist and general physician also enjoy working as a builder and mechanic.
Lunch:  Im afraid to say may be fried Marlin with freshly baked bread.
Dinner:  Chicken and Chorizo caserole with some form of that pasta stuff so the skipper will be having rice.
There is a strange calm feeling around the boat at the moment as people begin to realise that the adventure is on its finishing legs some dont want it to end.   Others will be glad of dry land but Im sure as soon as on dry land will be longing for the quiet ocean swell great food and great company.
Cheers for now love to all.
Happy (tired) Skipper