Northern Child – Daily Log 14

By December 10, 2013 Uncategorized
Distance so far 2474
Last 24 hours 185 miles
Lunch: Ham and Spanish tomato rolls
Dinner: Lamb chops new pots and peas
Unfortunately my trusty fishing lure was taken from us this morning the reel was smoking must have been a huge beast 400lb strain line probabloy best we didnt land that sucker !!!!!!!!!
There are some tensions within the crew due to flight changes and what time will we arrive questions always disappointing when people are in such a hurry to get back ashore instead of enjoying the last three days looks like thursday morning at the moment all things well so here we come St Lucia you better be ready cos there arte some thgirsty people on this boat ha ha ha ha
I might break the rum outy on the last 100 mile mark if there is any coke left to mix it with thats about it today really its very roly at the moment so typing is a little dificult its also very warm which for all you guys and girls back in the UK must be a little bit annoying.
Love to all
The Northern Adults