Northern Child – Daily Log 15

By December 12, 2013 Uncategorized
Martin using his iPad to take pictures (or is he targetting another yacht with the guided missile system aboard?)
Northern Child will finish later today with EH01 and El Ocaso following 200 and 600nm behind
Distance to go: 828 nm
Distance so far: 2247 nm
Lunch: Tacos – simple but effective
Dinner:  The Italian favourite Spaghetti Bolognese (said with an Italian accent of course) served with grated parmesan which will be as all meals on board Northern Child AMAZING !!
This means we will have travelled overall a distance of just over 3000 miles for a 2700 mile crossing some of this extra millage is due to weather avoidance the rest is down to our helming ability which has greatly improved over the last 1000 miles – the goal of rum and hotel beds seems to focus the mind of most…..
This morning we awake to a steady 15-20 knots of wind right on the beam trucking along between 7.5 and 9 knots its mile eating time.  Supplies are getting a little short down to our last bottle of gas, so Ive had to enforce a no tea rule, however we are all enjoying chilled coffee made with milk cream and sugar very refreshing.  The cereals and cereal bars have all gone so this mornings breakfast was a treat of fresh made bread with peanut butter and jam fruit juice and as always a smile.  In the time its taken me to write this we are nearly at the 800 mile mark, we are all going to miss this ocean with all its secrets and little quirky weather patterns.  Awesome team awesome sailing awesome boat (sorry yacht) did i mention awesome at all.

Kate’s Bones and the Chocolate Larder – From the German Watch

When times are tough my watch often turns to chocolate. There is usually a pack in the refrigerator. If not you can go to the “goodie” bulk store which is located in a cupboard behind Kate’s bed. The problem is that when the need arises Kate is usually in her bed (she runs the Armada watch – redolent with Spaniards).  One morning in conversation with Kate I foreshadowed the intent of the German Watch (we have a majority of actual and would-be Berliners) to move her bones out of the way to get at the chocolate (in emergencies only).  She suggested that such a move would be met with extreme violence.  Punches to the face were mentioned.

We went back to the drawing board – which is second nature to our eclectic mix of professionals (we have a systems engineer, two anaesthetists, a call centre business owner and an IT guy on staff).  The engineering solution was to don protective clothing (ice hockey masks and cricket pads) but the medical solution was much more elegant and humane: anaesthetize this noble (but naive) threshold guardian.  

It will be but a pin prick Kate – sweet dreams.

Lots of laughter love and kisses the TEAM of Northern Adults on board the gracious NORTHERN CHILD .