Northern Child – Daily Log 16

By December 12, 2013 Uncategorized
The Skipper said he never lies – look what happened!
Distance to go: 431nm
Distance travelled: 2653nm
Lunch:  Wraps with ham tinned tomatoes spread thinly for that Mediteranean taste – just remembered the hot dogs too –  theres an idea
Dinner:  Chicken curry and noodles – mmmm
So the last 24 hours have been quite speedy really although very rolley nearly lost the canapes yesterday.  All the beer has long gone but i broke out the rum ration yesterday just so we can get a taste for whats to come. We have a sweep stake on board for time of arrival, the original idea was that we all put 10 dollars in and who ever picked the right finish time got the pot however the spanish armada decided that it would be better for who ever got the correct time to buy the first round – so you win a bill amazing…..
We have seen some very large jelly fish toady just floating around waiting for a turtle to eat them and spotted another yacht on our starboard beam they are heading further north than us, we are on a correctional gybe at the moment to get back on the Rum line due to erratic steering over night its painful but has to be done the less miles we travel the quicker we arrive.  No new comments in the big red book today so I will try and amuse you with some clean comments that I’ve over heard whilst sailing down wind.  Yesterday due to the rather large swell Johnny was heard to say you have to learn to take it up the stern like Martyn!
Whilst working on the foredeck Mattias claimed you can see your going to get soaked but can do nothing about it so just sit down hold on and wait.  So why does the shower tray over flow into the bilges “BECAUSE YOU DONT PUMP IT OUT AFTER YOUR SHOWER” but i havent had a shower yet (towel around middle wet hair and puddle on floor.
So for now I bid you a happy Tuesady roll on Thursday and the beautiful Isle that was my parents home for many years LOOK OUT LITTLE DOO IS ON HIS WAY………
Mark and all aboard Northern Child