Northern Child – Daily Log 2

By November 26, 2013 Uncategorized
Dear Blog readers as we awaken to our first Atlantic sunrise the Good Ship Northern Child is settling in nicely.
We had a frustrating night as the winds died, then finally at around 0230 hours the breeze built again and we are now pushing a little West of South. The most frustrating part of the night was watching the cruising fleet as they all put on there steaming lights and motored past us as we struggled to make 3 knots (bowline, figure of eight and reef).  The cleaning has just been completed with all of A watch taking part willingly Rolf, Martyn, Ulrich, Mathias and Les.
There have been a few funny comments so far during discussions about squalls and what to do.  Our American uses the term “FALL OFF” which we are all strongly discouraging for obvious reasons.
Cockpit conversations have varied from banana nightmares to health expenses and politics on a boat always create interesting atmospheres as the great nations of the world meet.  As with all Blogs there should be a weather section so sunshine and showers (downpours) wash the decks twice a watch at the moment awesome.
Well its time for B watch to take over now the kettle is on and very shortly Kate, Johnny, Alberto, Jamie and Miguel will be running the vessel.
Until next time
Skip (single finger typing expert)