Northern Child – Daily Log 3

By November 27, 2013 Uncategorized
Good morning we are as I’m sure you know currently at 24 21 N 18 17 W with poled out number 1 at the moment.  Not much wind but rolling on with no major issues with the good ship so far so good.  I’ve got Harriet’s (Skipper on El Ocaso) chicken so that will probably stay frozen till St Lucia – freezer is fantastic my first ever crossing with a working fridge/freezer – utter luxury. Made canopes last night pre dinner – yummy.
MJ crew challenges skipper with unexpected manouvres ….. All Survived 🙂
JB Everything is working well. Surprisingly fast adaption to routines onboard.  Dificult to work on deck at night, everything takes so long (it’s safer that way)
JT  Nice first day. Excited and happy.Finally without mobile phones BUT missing our relatives (small sniff large tear)
MIGUEL So this is the ocean its VERY BLUE
MB  The best place to control the boat from is behind the wheel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KL  Very nice sailing on a broad reach, we are all gradually learning to keep Northern Child on course……once the sun is up the head sail will be on the pole
MT Getting to know each other.. amazing issues transend boundries , culturesnations very similar problems around the globe
Midnight watch 
White wash and starless sky
Steer in die dunkle heit as plankton fly
Atlantic swell heaves her transom high
Keep her straight and hear her sigh
MT Quotes  : great international crew smart and interesting starting to near an atlantic high 
AS Quotes  : Incredible night sailing and getting used to 4 hours sleep.
KL Quotes   : Very comfortable start. All in good spirits ….. great moment when we lost sight of land.
Rolf Quotes :We have completed the first 24 hours , and have seen whats to come in the next weeks, fantastic sunsets and sunrises , full of stars you rarely see .
Uli is having bananna withdrawl . He has had no Bananna since Las Palmas .
Les filmed Marks worst nightmare : the first Gybe of the trip . We will replay it to him if he continues to show signs of happiness.
Crew all fit well and healthy if a little sleep deprived but it will get better!  Love to all from all on board the good ship NORTHERN CHILD (we love her)