Northern Child – Daily Log 4

By November 27, 2013 Uncategorized
Northern Child leading Race Division B – El Ocaso dives South to find more wind!
Distance to Go – 2280 miles
24Hr Run – 182nm
Good afternoon everyone our current position on the good ship Northern Child is 23 20 256 N 21 44 969 W we have approximately 2280 miles to go and travelled a respectable 182 nautical miles in last 24 hours.  The winds are fair just off the nose so quite a nice angle of 20 degree heel.  Last nights dinner of Chicken ala Skipper was termed as amazing !!  Food seems to be a priority along side cereal bars.  We are having Spanish English lessons on board and I learn new things everyday.
MT:  Still enjoying the sail and company onboard nice conditions fast and windy, great food and plenty of it better than expected on The Northern Child Rocket.
Miguel:  Jule mil xana-start of a perfect day. 6am Kate wakes us with a coffee on deck the stars are out, Big Dipper with the North Star to starboard.  Fair winds we are sailing west on the tropic of cancer thinking of you all.  With Dad on the helm she sails like she on rails (rocky mountain trail).
Kate:  Shes so happy making lunch storming along fluent in spanish expletives….
Skips add ons happy crew clean dryish boat happy hour is an amazing treat and all on board appear to be in good health. I didnt realise just how noisy Spanyards can be 😉 (delete if necessary) – sorry Mark left that one in – Christian!
Love to all
Mark AKA  The Happy Skipper come on northern Child up the skirt and fly West
NOTE FROM CHRISTIAN & LUCY (Mark and crew are actually leading Race division B currently!) – WELL DONE GUYS