Northern Child – Daily Log 5

By November 28, 2013 Uncategorized

The pace slows as Northern Child and El Ocaso hit the Wind Hole

28/11/13 Position 22 34 330 N  23 08 899 W
Last 24hrs 138nm (been a bit light)
Distance To Go 2197
Miles So Far 642

Lunch today will be advokado and walnut salad with freshly made crutons and coleslaw
This evenings dinner will be Red Thai Prawn curry with Safron Rice and Mango Chutney

Happy days!  Very little wind beautiful sunshine and loving the fact that we are well up the leader board.  All crew freshly shaven apart from the skipper and mate.  Showers all round and a relaxing day of gentle sailing planned before this evenings promise of 20knots on the beam.  Let the sleigh ride west really begin.
Yesterday was a real food treat; couscous salad for lunch , early evening canopes with pre dinner drinks (happy hour) followed by an amazing Chicken Tikka Massala.  Not a scrap left over and everyone smiling and snoring happily afterwards.

Crew Profile:  Skipper Mark Burton

A happy and jovial sort of guy who is very rarely shaken and happiest off shore.  Pretty much brought up on boats from a very early age sailing many thousands of miles.  Good chief (ask the crew).  All round Mr Fix It .  Pretty much a really nice bloke.  Currently wondering what else I can say about myself apart from the fact that I am also the Lead Skipper for The Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust a charity very close to my heart.

Fairwell to all our readers – until tomorrow 🙂

All aboard NC.

Note from Christian – It seems the crew will have their chance to comment on Mark’s profile 🙂