Northern Child – Daily Log 6

By November 29, 2013 Uncategorized
Northern Child Steams Ahead
Distance to go 2087 nm @0600 29/11/13
Distance Travelled so far 757 nm
Position  (sat at nav station trying to type at 25 degree heel angle) 22 23 684 N 25 08 079 W
Lunch:  Today we are going for a wrap option of varied fillings ham cheese peppers tomatoes
Dinner:  Will be baked fresh Dorado caught as the sunset last night
The day yesterday was a challenge as the winds were light and the sun very hot we ghosted along at 3-4 knots for most of the day. As evening came so did the breeze as predicted 15-20 knots on the beam (thats the side of the boat).  News of our placing is creating quite an atmosphere on board everyone trying to do a little bit more we have a great wind angle and can feel Northern Child surging on with a will to eat the Scarlet Oyster.  There is a weather system moving in just South of us which means we will be getting some pretty strong breeze for the next 36 hours or so hopefully we can sail over the top of the system and make some miles out of it.
Crew comments :
JB     Nice shower in luxury bath with teak interior.  Trying to escape this calm patch !!! 20knots tonight I hope we will have them! (The competition)
AS     Nice upwind sailing day Sunset sailing and dolphins playing on the bows
LC     Black night non slip and slide and corkscrew down liquid mountains carve the bow around heading lost . Horror now its found (mark did that) no other sight only sound headings read out flicker —THEY LIE, their numbers mock against the black sky their monotonic counting high OH FOR A SINGLE STAR TO STEER BY
Read marks profile today his tombstone should read – HERE LIES A MAN WHOSE NAME IS WRITTEN IN WATER
Skips notes: well hopefully I wont need a tombstone for a long time !!  All is good on board we still have some snake issues.  Snake wake we call it – the boat is tracking about 40 degrees one way then the other at times Im about to introduce rum fines a shot per 10 degrees off course a bottle for 20 sounds fair to me.  Our first fish of the trip last night made quite a mess at the back of the boat but is now tucked up happy in the fridge.  Derek the Dorado will be consumed later (THANK YOU NEPTUNE) my hook will not go overboard again until every bit of Dereck has gone.  Overheard an interesting conversation yesterday between American Martyn and Australian Les about brown nosing (leave the rest to your imagination).  Food stocks are looking good, oranges are needing to be eaten, everything else on board A OK.
Thats all for now folks
Happy Skipper