Northern Child – Daily Log 7

By December 2, 2013 Uncategorized
Northern Child, El Ocaso and our friends in EH01 – showing the variety of routes across the Pond!
Distance to go 1832nm
Distance travelled so far including storm avoidance 1049nm
Lunch:  Wraps with ham cheese and salad with extra salt and fresh water
Dinner:  Chilli con Carne with spanish (mexican) Rice
Todays Profile sorry no photos yet (been a bit busy):
Kate Loveys former fleet street jounalist turned full-time sailor since joining PYR as an apprentice in August spent the last few months racing and delivering PYR yachts in the med and now on the arc.  The icing on the cake (so far) learning loads from skipper Mark and enjoying great company.  My previous longest voyage to date was 8 days Im not sure I will want to return to dry land but maybe tempted by the infamous St Lucia rum punch……
So whats been happening over the last 24-36 hours Im sure some of yopu will have noticed the fact that Northern child was actually leading the Arc for a while however yesterday we had to divert north a little off our chosen track to avoid a potentially nasty block of weather, lightning freaky winds etc.  Well guess what we missed the lightning but boy did we have some fun with those freaky winds our first client crash gybe of the event no harm done although the skipper was seen on deck very under-dressed fighting the boat back on course during what can only be described as a waterfall rain storm.
The winds continued through the night and most of today at around the 25-35 knot mark with some gusts topping out at 42knots.  All good as my mom said “oh its a Swan, you will be fine and rest assured we all are a little damp and tired but spirits on board are high.  Oh i forgot to mention last nights happy hour pre the baked dorado consisted of dorado sushi with wasabi and soy – that was real fresh fish mmm.  So we are now back on track unsure of our rating at the moment but heading pretty much straight at St Lucia heres to a quiet night!
Love to all our friends and families hard at work as we play our way across a particularly tricky Ocean.
See you all soon.
Happy Skipper Signing off.