Northern Child – Daily Log 8

By December 2, 2013 Uncategorized
Distance to go 1758nm
Last 24 hours 174nm
Lunch: Ham and salad bimbo sandwiches made by Kate
Dinner: Lamb chops and roasted veg with boiled potatoes
Crew profile: Rolf Matzen:
49 years old have been sailing for 20 + years. Former owner of a H boat used for olympic class racing about 30 years ago . Occupation independent Microsoft infrastructure technical advisor  and trainer (cripes thats a mouthful) working primarily on projects in large global corporations.  Certificate of proficiency in yachting since 2004.
So as we speak the child is surging along at nearly 10 knots in almost the right direction.  That sneaky scarlet oyster is a little in front but we have a plan.
Watch change and a tack onto the port side aiming to climb a little for the veering wind to drive us west and south.  The guys are now like an Olympic squad; every move timed to perfection.  Suns out, breeze on, lets go.  The wind gods have predicted a shift this evening about 50 miles north of us so thats where we are going.  All very technical.
Catch you all later
Happy Skipper and crew onboard Northern Child