Northern Child’s Passage to Sardinia

By August 17, 2014 Uncategorized

Sunday 17th August

24 Hr Run: 150Nm

Conditions: Slight sea state, 10-15 Knots WSW. Cloudy with a dash of rain!

After a very slow start leaving the Solent motoring in no wind once we got out of the needles channel we were finally greeted with a decent bit of breeze (of course this was just as Sam had decided to try and make dinner). We also managed to spot Azzam and Team Campos heading round the south side of the island heading to the finish of Round Britain and Ireland. The wind died again early Saturday morning in the channel which forced us to put the engine on. Saturdy night the wind picked up again as we were heading into the ITZ of Ouessant, unfortunately on the nose, but has continued to be steady throughout today. Dinner has already been made for this evening with a lovely Shephards pie sat in the oven a la Chef Sam. And Northern Child is loving the conditions out in Biscay and steering herself on a course direct to the ITZ at Finisterre. 2 of the watches have been greeted with Dolphins. Everyone has now settled into the watch pattern and general running of the boat and looking forward to getting into warmer weather with less clothes as the general debate on wach takes over of when to try and attempt to go to the toilet.