Phan – GP42

Phan was designed by Botin & Carkeek and built by King Marine. The GP42 was designed to be a fast, offshore capable, truly competitive performance racing yacht and has had much success globally.

Phan is in immaculate condition having been meticulously maintained her whole life. This summer she has been in the shed at Longitude Cero in Valencia, having some exciting modifications, including a new rudder and deeper keel.

The new keel will give greater righting moment and more up wind power, and the new rudder will be larger and with different balance, to give more low speed manoeuvrability and lower load when high speed reaching.

A full kite take down system has been added, the deck layout has been optimised with many of the control lines re-run, and the pedestal overdrive has been upgraded for better kite gybing speeds.

Phan has a full wardrobe of North Sails, B&G 3000 instruments, a smooth underwater finish and a Gori 420 racing prop.


  • Builder – King Marine
  • Designer – Botin and Carkeek
  • IRC Rating – 1.256
  • IRC Crew Number -11
  • Displacement – 4205kg
  • North 3Di Main
  • North J1, J2, J3, J4
  • North A1.5, A2, A3, CO
  • B&G H3000 instruments