RORC 600 2015

By February 24, 2015 Racing News

So we’re off! The Caribbean 600 started fast and furious as we headed out straight into big swell that had been building for days of 25-30 knots of breeze. We started well, neck and neck with our main rivals.

The first hours were… Wet. Especially for us poor souls up on the bow. I like to think we acted like a sea wall for the rest of the crew, but it did not take long for the sea to find its way up our sleeves, down our necks and through our fouilies! It was a damp day waiting for the sun to dry us off! We made fantastic speed, averaging 9 knots until we reached the first mark and hoisted the reaching kite. It did wonders and we were now flying along at anywhere between 9 and 13 knots! What a start!

Our night watch was a peaceful one. Having made the move to our running kite we surfed down waves in the light of the moon and the stars, passing what looked like a handful of boats stuck in a wind hole. Morning watch was bright and early and incredibly hot. Without the apparent wind, competition for who could get to the suncream and water first down the rail were high. Today they seemed to take a much higher priority than the usual sail ties and electrical tape!

All in all, a good start so far, we’ve spotted our competition, EH01 and she is not far in front of us; we are keen to close the gap. Concentration levels are high, even going into the night watches, maybe it’s all the excess Gatorade we’ve been drinking?

Let’s wish them well and good speed to close down the gaps on the competition!!!