Southern Child Blog – Captains Log, Stardate ….

By January 8, 2014 Southern Child

We are in the Caribbean, ANtigua, after approx 3,000NM of beautiful downwind sailing. We left Lanzarote in fairly blustery weather with a crew of strangers who were willing to embark on an adventure across the ATlantic Ocean over CHristmas & New Year & have arrived in the stunning Caribbean waters as a team, who have learnt some of the language of the sea & how to steer & do sail changes safely on a 40 foot yacht.
We all came on this journey for a variety of reasons but through the time at sea have learnt to work & live together in harmony. Well done to all of Charlie’s ANgels & not least to Charlie himself.

Charlie, about to head off to uni, looking to broaden his horizons … certainly has under the direction of his 6 beautiful Angels. WHat a pleasure to see his huge smile every time he returns from a new adventure on the bow (his new position on race boats, we think) under Debbie’s (Southern Cild’s Sailing Master) excellent guidance.
Heika, wanting to challenge herself away from her beloved mountains in Germany, has taken many of her skills as a mountain guide & windsurfer to cross the Ocean & was my #2 helm on my watch. Thank you for your brothers Stollen & that Mountain Firewater you gave us at the 1/2 way point.
Annette, who came into a variety so far out of her comfort zone, but delt with everything the ocean & the skipper could give her with a smile & even started out the great charades evening watch routines on Debbies watch. Well done Annette, it was good knowing you were on my safety line while up the rig.
Helen, thank you for all the stories of your time on warships & for teaching us all navy lingo, rather chuffed with being called a snaggy weasel!! 🙂 & for carving some big curves down those swells.
Marina, i admire that you had never stepped on a yacht before & your 1st adventure at sea was to cross the ocean.
Marta, a great driver, only when not chatting, but full of laughs & humour
Debbie (Sailing Master), can’t thank you enough for your experience & wanting to push to catch Jinthe; we won’t tell Lucy about your smile during that last squall, hehe.

Now we have been enjoying the Rumm aANtigua stylee, & with each boat coming in there seems to be more & more rumm available, 😉