Southern Child Blog – Last Few Days

By January 8, 2014 Southern Child

Apologies for lack of comms last few days of sailing & 1st few days shoreside, but we got hit by a serious Rumm Squall when lines tied to dock, & we have all been tacking up & down the dock … 🙂

The last couple of days have all become blurred one into the other after 16 fantastic days at sea. The last couple of days saw Debbie & crew trying to keep us within handicap of Jinthe in front of us, every time the wind dropped below 15knots for a few hours i could see Debbie sitting up in her bunk or peering down from the deck with a questioning look for me to call for the spinnaker, but having learnt a bit of patience from a wise man who says these things are either a 1 or 2 pipe problem, the wind would always be back up to 20 knots within half an hour, which meant we crossed the ATlantic under white sails only, but maintained a good speed throughout. We had some good steady winds with line squalls passing over in the dark hours or early mornings which kept us all on our toes & made for great sailling. We had used up all our fresh foods & were onto our really great Packet meals (Lucy, those packs really are very good!) but they do lack some ginger, and the crew did their best to keep me from adding any to them …

The days became hot & sunny, the nights stayed warm & we were mainly able to sit up under the brilliance of the stars in our shorts with jackets. With the last of the waning moon, the stars were absolutely gorgeous & kept us all looking for satelites & shooting stars, of which we saw plenty. The fishing remained a mystery having lost all 4 lures, but the last one was a Biggg One, i promise …

The final hours were spent holding on in some deep dark squalls passing over with Debbie doing some superb helming through the heaviest of them, then gently past the entrance to English & Falmouth harbours, before handing the helm to Charlie & getting the girls into racing positions as we skirted through the inner passage to Cades reef & up the west side of ANtigua in turqoise waters watching the depth closely as we approached the finish line, a very thrilling end to a great sail. Seeing Mikaela & John at the line in their Rib was really cool & kept us all focused on our jobs, & then to see Ocean Phoenix come out to see us cross the line was Really cool … Thanks John, Mikaela & Ocean Phoenix. We then dropped the main for the 2nd time in the whole trip & went into the customs doc, where the Rumm Squalls started their approach, but we managed to get reefed down to storm sails & over to the marina in time for the serious Rumm Squalls to hit … phew!!

What an end to a fantastic event, their have been many parties as boats came in & yesterdays Rumm tasting has meant that memories are becoming very blurred for us all. What a Fantastic Rally this has been, Thank you to both John & Mikaela … 🙂

Cool Bananas … 😉