Southern Child – Daily Blog 1

By December 17, 2013 Southern Child
Midday Posn: 27:26.08n 015:30.2w
Course: 240 degrees
Wind: 060 15 – 17
Sea: NE, 1-2m
Dist Run: 121NM since 1600 on 16/12/13
There is 8 crew onboard Southern Child for the Christmas Caribbean Rally. Mark the Skipper, 6  beautiful ladies and Charlie.  What a lucky young Chap Charlie is, having a crew of 6 Beautiful Ladies to introduce him to the Joys of downwind sailing …
Having all had a cracking buffet breakfast at the Volcan Hotel (Thanks to Debbie & Tony 🙂 we moved to the fuel dock just so that Charlie could lie along all their laps we then went sailing.
After a small issue of broken hydraulic seals on Backstay Ram, we finally got underway. A little blustery out on the start line, Debbie (1st Mate/ Sailing Master) discovered no Backstay pressure, so we crossed line & returned to Marina for a spot of lunch at BarOne while Rafa had organised Riggers to help us make repairs …
2nd time out was still a bit blustery so decided to run with 1 reef in main & storm Jib helping to settle in some of the crew by keeping a nice comfy dry boat for 1st night out. Southern Child (SC) romped down west side of Fuertaventura, under a beautiful bight & full moon. Lot’s of chatting & finding out about each other while some of us shivered along merrily.
The weather is superb, all 6 of Charlie’s Angels are having a great 1st day out, & now the sun is up & we are now rolling along under Main & Poled out Genoa, the girls are getting plenty of helming practise in (in fact we are finding it hard to prise some of them off the wheel … oh what a shame!!!).
As i write this there is a laughter filled galley while Marina & Marta knock up some deliscious looking Roast Coronation Chicken & salad sandwhiches for lunch.
A couple of Dolphimns came to great the girls just before the dawn& escort us into the Antlantic Ocean, we have had an excelent 1st day out on the Ocean ….
Cool Bananas …
🙂 Bosley …