Southern Child – Daily Blog 2

By December 19, 2013 Southern Child
Midday Posn: 25:36.150n 018:58.417w
24 hr run: 244NM (not bad for white sails only!)
Wind: NE 20 – 25 knots
Sea: NE 1 – 2m (Great surfing)
Top Speed: 14 knots, Marta, Debbie’s Watch.
2nd day on Southern Child
The weather is getting warmer and our beatiful Southern Child – faster. We gonna catch you guys.  As yesterday we forgot to introduce our crew, we would like to do it now. We have 6 different nationalities and characters on the boat:
# Mark – captain, worlds citizen from Tanzania, cool bananas:).
# Debbie – first mate, British. Debbie was Lucy’s first mate on the All Girls Fastnet Campaign of Southern Child.   
# Charlie – young British guy, who did the delivery of the boat with Lucy from UK to Lanzarote.
# Heike –  German, very sporty, experienced in sailing and surfing. Keeps our boat very clean!
Helen – crew, British, who used to work for Royal Navy and this is her first time on such a small vessel.  
# Annette – is from New Zeland, lives and works in London. Enjoys diving and all kind of watersport
# Marina – Russian, originally from Siberia, escaped from cold Russian winter to the Carribbean
# Marta – Ukrainian, Marina’s good friend, incharge of rum stock on the boat. 
Dinner yesterday was fantastic. We had Captain’s Secret Carribean Rum Mango Chicken with mango, rum, chicken and herbed mashed sweet and normal potatoes. You should try it!!!
Yesterday we’ve lost one thing of big importance for all of us. We are still shocked and talking about the loss the whole day.You can’t imagine, your guys on land how much we miss it.Our orange big bucket, we will never forget the day as you leave us. (We awill have to be inventive at showering, or just be smelly!!)
Our boat has a pleasant chocolate aroma smell since last night as we poured two cups of hot chocolate all around the saloon, due to the Motion of the Ocean!!
Quote of the day: “Annette, you’ve lost your S&M” Debbie ….
Cool Bananas, Vodka Boom!!!