Southern Child – Daily Blog 4

By December 23, 2013 Southern Child
1400 Posn: 24:30.438n028:39.355w
Wind: East 14 – 28 knts
Sea: ENE: 1 – 2m
Min Speed: CHarlie, 3.6knts.
26 hr Run: 167NM 🙁
It rained again. Lots.
We are sailing in a west-south direction but the weather isn’t getting better. It’s cloudy, it’s rainy and windy and we still wear our f***g jackets (i think thats Russian for these damm jackets??:-). We didn’t see the sun or the moon. Especially sailing at night is getting more adventurous because we didn’t see anything and just orienting only on instruments.
The wind got stronger and stronger until 32 knots. We expected a storm and must change genoa to storm sail. As we did it, the ocean went quite and calm, waves and wind dissapeared. It was first night then nobody wanted to sail because it was no more exciting. Our speed was only between 3 and 6 knots. We have no maximum speed, we have a minimum speed by Charlie 3.6 knots. Anyway, we are all going wet and have no more dry trousers. Do you know, guys, how it feels to wear wet trousers during the night watches,go sleep for 3 hour and wear wet trousers again? I woudn’t reccommend you to do it at home, but if you want to empathize with us, you can do it, sure.
It was quite night, but now it’s sunny and windy again and Debby can’t wait more to put the genoa up and go faster, faster and faster. We enjoy our journey and go in southerly direction to get more sun and fun. We still hope to catch fish (yesterday the fish eat our lure). So we are full of expectations. But for me personally dry trousers will be enougth to be happy.
From Siberia with love, Marina … 😉
PS: Debbies watch are now into Sherades during night watch hours, & trying out various farmyard animal noises in different languages …