Southern Child – Daily Log 9 – The Squall that was not a Squall

By December 26, 2013 Southern Child

Posn: 18:36.406n053:18.704w
Wind: E 20 – 25knts
Sea: E 1- 2m
Sails: 2 reefed Main & Poled out Genoa
Minimum Speed: 3.8 knts, Heika (on backside of Squall, to be fair)
Max Speed: 12.4 Debbie (front side of Squall)
Daily Run: 192NM.

Having had an exciting start to Christmas day & then tootling on calmly under 1 reef in main & storm jib poled out, giving Helen a chance to rustle up the great Christmas lunch. Even Monster Child got into the festivities in her new Christmas hat, quickly sewn up by Debbie, & then looking after both celbrations & driving from the Wheel supports. This was followed by a relaxed afternoon listening to my new tunes from Africa (thanks my sista, Debs), & enjoying some Stollen from Heika’s familly & a Happy hour with Champers (in proper plastics, found under my bunk, thanks Lucy:). Weather forcast was for another squally night so we kept the sail configuration & cruised along under a Starry, starry night, magical really. Handing over to Debbie’s watch a tired watch collapsed into bunks to be raised again to stories of 38 – 40 knot squalls & driving rain, which sharpened our senses to black clouds growling up over the horizon. One appeared & was slipping down the port side before dieciding to come & visit us; this turned out to be the Squall that was not … it was spectacular, deep dark black for & aft with an arch in the cloud in the middle of it; we ended up on the windless back side of it. Having sympathy for a tired crew we did not change sail configuration til daylight after Debbie (the sailmakers daughter) had repiared the luff tape on the genoa. Changing positions around amongst the crew, this went up & poled out very well indeed. Some great night time discussions & games of charades continue on night watches. Helen has taken young Charlie under wing & convincing him to wander the globe & remain footloose & fancy free, while Debbie is teaching him the joys of bouncing around the bow. His grin says it all every time he returns to the cockpit …

Marina, Marta, Heika,Helen & Annette have turned into superb helmsmen, & can generally hold a far straighter course than i … well Marta can until she starts to chat, which is quite often 😉 Beautiful winds are driving us ever closer to the center of the Universe (Skullies) & everyone is gaining a heightened sense of anticipation of making landfall in sunny Caribbean & enjoying the English Harbour Rumm & Gingerbeer in the various water holes there.

There is a distinct lack of wildlife out here, & we decided that Whales & Dolphins have been celebrating Christmas in their own various water holes, but hoping for some sightings as we get closer, we will pass the 1,000NM to go today.

From the Southern Children, Happy Boxing Day … Cool Bananas …