Southern Child – Day 1 of the ARC

By November 25, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 27* 07′ 98 N 018* 04’55W
Daily Run: Approx 186 Nm
Hello to all blog readers from the crew of Southern Child!
We had a lovely start yesterday for the ARC after our postponement starting in beautiful clear skys and 20knots of breeze as forecast! Glamour!!!
We hit the acceleration zone off the island at about midday which gave us up to 30 knots, we decided to keep the day simple and try and get people helming during the day so kept our white sails (head sail and main only) up. The speed record has been set once by Harriet of 13.5, however discussion on board as Cedric hit 15 knots but heading in the wrong direction.. so challenge is on to see who can get the best speed in the right direction now!
Had a lovely night being surrounded by boats and this morning woke up to find we still had company and thought boats that had got away from us at the start actally turned up next to us this morning (EH01), so spirits are high as we’re finding out that we are still in with the pack and heading the same route. 
Today we are taking it easy and getting everyone on the helm and used to conditions before hopefully putting the spinnaker up tomorrow. The smell of pizza is currently wafting from the oven so I think it is time to love you and leave you all!
Bye for now.
Harriet, Cedric, Rachel, Lars, Johanna, Heike, Val, Pete & Monster Child