Southern Child Day 14 – Rain

By December 8, 2014 Southern Child
Day 14 08/12
Position 1200: 15* 45′ 58N 054* 19′ 61W
Daily Run: 135Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 395Nm
Two weeks on the water! No chance to get bored out here. The horrible weather intensified after yesterdays 0600-1000 watch and continued into the day. The wind picked up again and soaked to the bone we had to drop the main completely. It kept raining throughout the afternoon, but not continuously and under more controlled forms. Everyone’s foulies had leaked somewhere and was not much fun putting back on.
In the evening the weather finally stabilized and offered us a pleasant night with decent winds. And today? Beaming sun and 12 knots of wind. Time to dry out all those clothes!! The wind is coming from the perfect direction but we could some more speed for sure, so we’ve put Laahhhrrrs at the helm. Hopefully the Lars Effect will kick in, and increasing wind speed with exactly 4 knots!
Highlight of the day: It stopped raining was certainly the best thing that happened, but it was also fun with the Finnish Bavaria, Defyr, that called us over the VHF for a chat. The first voice but our own that we’ve heard for a week. We’re not alone!!