Southern Child Day 15 – Mysteriously slow speed

By November 10, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 14* 09′ 56N 055* 48′ 36W
Daily Run: 095Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 300Nm
The low wind speed continued through yesterday and into the night when it finally picked up. But – our boat speed didnt! this mystery was not solved until this morning when Harriet could go down and have a look. The culprit? Several huge clumps of seaweed stuck to the rudder, the keel and the prop! Annoying yes, but oh so great that it was a problem we could sort out. The Atlantic is full of life under the surface but here above we see mainly water and sky (seaweed aside). Sometimes it feels like it’s only us and the flying fish out here, but we do see the occasional bird, have been followed by dolphins for time and had one whale spotting. A cruise or cargo ship usually passes us every couple of days and we’ve seen one military vessel of undisclosed nationality. (Seen = lights on the horizon and details on the AIS). Then there’s the ARC fleet of course and most interesting our competition in Racing Division B. We’ve seen a couple of them along the way and a handful of boats in the cruising division (cheerfully motor-sailing past us when we’re bopping along in a wind hole) The closer to St. Lucia we get the more boats we see. Now all we want is to overtake them and glide over that finish line :)!!
Highlight of the day: Sans seaweed we have our boat speed back!