Southern Child Day 2 – 26/11

By November 26, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 26* 41′ 03 N 021* 11′ 89W
Daily Run: 170Nm
If the flavour of yesterday was excitement and salt water coffee, day 2 was hot chilli thanks to a delicious stiry fry delivered by watch 2 (Rachel, Val, Pete and Lars). 
The waves have calmed a fair bit now we’re away from the islands and the wind has become more stable from our desired direction, The night was calm and right before sunrise we saw a beautiful sign of good hope – a huge shooting star.
We’re still not completely alone out here as we have 2 other boats on the horizon next to us so obviously this brings out the competitive side in everyone.
We had the wind pick up slightly this morning before the sun showed its face. Harriet took the helm after being told of the highest speed record throughout the night which was 10.3, unfortunately Harriet then took the highest speed of 10.6 within 10 minutes of being n the helm. Of course Cedric not being happy with this after trying through the night to get the highest speed took the helm but currently Harriet is standing unbeaten!! (Got to keep the skipper happy)
Watch 2 are once again cooking up a storm in the galley for lunch so must go now!
Bye for now
Southern Child