Southern Child Day 3 27/11

By November 27, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 25* 37′ 34N 024* 23’08W
Daily Run: 190Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 2156Nm
Meet the Crew! Onboard Southern Child we’re 5 women and 3 men of wildly different backgrounds (But all with awesome pirate names!) Today our skipper and first watch answers the question “why do you love sailing?”
Skipper Harriet, Studley, UK
A.K.A Harriet the Boat Wench
“it’s a combination of everything. Amazing people, travel to places not many people get to go and see, and sail across oceans that not many people get to experience in a life time but it’s a part of my yearly schedule.”
First Mate & Watch leader Cedric, Mezos, France
A.K.A Gum Flapping Scallywag Cedric.
“Because I can’t read blogs there. There’s always something different to do and it pushes me out of my normal comfort limits.It makes people realise what they really need” 
Heike, Starnberg, Germany
A.K.A Bounty
“It’s the wind, the waves, the nature, the freedom out here.”
Johanna, Stockholm, Sweden
A.K.A 9-toe Jo
“It takes me to amazing places I wouldn’t otherwise get to, and I meet interesting people along the way.”
Highlight of the day has been finally getting to see some dolphins!!
Bye for now
Southern Child