Southern Child Day 4 28/11

By November 28, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 23*54’11N 027*04’99W
Daily Run: 172Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 2002Nm
Meet the crew Part 2! Today the remaining 4 of our 8 wo/man strong crew – Port Watch – tell us why they love sailing.
Watchleader Rachel, Basingstoke, UK
AKA Commodore Cherry
“Peaceful. And it’s quite fun when the weather is horrible.”
Pete, Basel, Switzerland
AKA Peg-legged Pete
“It gives me a space and an experience that I can’t find on land. It pushes you both mentally and physically but through that brings immense rewards.”
Val, Basel, Switzerland
AKA Marlinspike
“I like the sense of achievement. To try to do something that seems uninviting, but when you do it, it’s like, yes! Also to surf a wave,that is pure fun!”
Lars, Oslo, Norway
AKA Laaarrgghs
“Because when you’re sailing you’re not thinking about anything else. Kind of like meditation for me.”
Onboard Southern Child each day is divided into seven watches. Three between 0600 and 1800 and four between 1800 and 0600, meaning our days alternate between 10 and 14 hours of work. Our two watch teams take every other watch taking turns at the helm until its time to wake up the other team (and, of course, put the kettle on.) Hard work but so far everyone is all smiles.
Highlight of the day: The moonlight creating a silvery road at night pointing us straight to St. Lucia. Magic.