Southern Child Day 5 29/11

By November 29, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 22* 55′ 57N 029* 53′ 14W
Daily Run: 166Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 1839Nm
The days are split into multiple sprints of three and four hour shifts. The two teams meet each other briefly during the handover, and the team going off watch will usually head straight to bed after feeding the other team with coffee and tea. The breaks are mostly about getting a few (2-3) hours sleep before the next watch starts, but now and then one might read a chapter or two or watch a movie. Among the highlights of the days are the meals (which has been excellent despite limited space for preparation), sunrises and setting speed records.
Everything takes time here. Going to the toilet requires taking off several layers of clothing (we haven’t quite reached tropical temperatures yet) and clinging onto something in the ever present swells. Ingredients for meals are typically hidden in overfilled cupboards or under someones bunk and the space we have to prepare the meals is very limited. Every day there’s routine maintenance to be done (checking the rig, charging batteries, reefing in and out etc) All of these small chores add up to days and time flies by. It’s quite exhausting, but I’m pretty sure everyone on board agrees they are loving it.
– Lars