Southern Child – The Last Full Day at Sea Day 16

By December 10, 2014 Southern Child
Position 1200: 14* 52′ 55N 058* 19′ 59W
Daily Run: 142Nm
Distance to Waypoint: 158Nm
All going well ths will be our last full day at sea! Woop woop!! It’s 9-toe Jo’s birthday today, but her wishes for wind that would carry us to land today resulted in a measly 11 knots, so we expect to arrive tomorrow instead.
In this last blog post we’ll summarize our experience by answering these 3 questions;
1) What about this trip was better than you expected?
2) What was harder?
3) Would you do it again?
So, here we go;
1) The food! I didn’t expect all this chocolate and pringles.
2) Getting enough sleep, especially in the beginning, It’s really hard to wake up seven times a day.
3) Yeah, guess I would. On my own boat would be cool. It’s a very good experience.
1) The food. The way the whole group acted together.
2) Sailing in the night, due to lack to experience
3) To early to answer that yet. I’ll be able to in half a year or so.
Marlin Spike
1) The weather. I expected it to be squally the whole way. Harriet is fantastic. The food
2) THE squalls, the particularly bad one. And the long term waking up every 3-4 hours.
3) Given a chance I would.
Peg-legged Pete
1) Night sailing, and food. And also the way people interacted.
2) The 3-6am watch
3) I would, but not in exactly the same way.
Nine-toe Jo
1) The atmosphere on board, and that I felt safe even in rough conditions thanks to our great skipper.
2) Getting anything but watches and sleep done. My books lay untouched.
3) Yes!! But next time will be on a cruiser.
Commdore Cherry
1) The weather. I assumed the Atlantic would be horrible and full of rain.
2) The sun. I’m not very good in the sun, but I’ve learnt my lesson and use sunscreen.
3) Yes, I’m sailing back in May!
First mate Cedric is on sleep duty so we’ll finish off with skipper Harriet’s own words about the crossing;
“It’s been awesome!! I think we can safely say we’ve laughed our way across the Atlantic. I would like to say a HUGE thanks to all of my crew on board Southern Child for making this such a great trip and thankyou to both Cedric and Rachel for being amazing watch leaders!”
Thanks for reading and fair winds to you all!
Southern Child out