The brand new TS5 – Addictive Sailing is officially launched and made her first trip on the water in November 2019. After sailing across the Atlantic she is set to race in the Caribbean.

Rapid growth in the market for multihulls; and the technological advances in the industry enable newer boats to be fast, safe and comfortable. Sailors from all over the world were thrilled by the performance of the boats in the last two America’s Cups, while the ventures of the likes of Thomas Coville have shown that multihulls are up to the rigours of the oceans.

Multi-hulls are capable of faster performance. In most sailing conditions multi-hulls are faster than monohulls. Their hulls are less immersed in the water and have a smaller area in the water to create drag.

They have the advantage minimum heeling and more stability.  This can help with avoiding seasickness. A 5° heel versus 20° on a monohull.

TS5: A sporty catamaran

Marsaudon, the boatbuilder based in Brittany is responsible for some of the world’s largest and fastest performance multihulls, in particular the trimaran IDEC 2. Francis Joyon on the IDEC 2 conquered the round-the-world record in 2008.

It began with the TS42, then came along the TS50, the new TS5 is a remodelled version of this. Even before the first one arrived on the water, half a dozen boats had been pre-sold! In Les Voiles de St Barths this year the TS42 and TS50 came 1st and 2nd in the multihull class. Blackjack’s sister ship Hallucine (Régis Guillemot) came first in Group 2 of Trophée des multicoques in August 2019.

The TS5 boats have made headlines for being among the fastest liveable multihulls in the world, having already recorded 23 knots in 18 knots of wind while reaching and able to cover more than 400nm per day!

Addictive Sailing has the potential of being the highest performing boats in her class, and is likely to be faster and lighter than both Gunboat and HH catamarans, weighing just 8 tonnes. She has a rotating mast, fully carbon cross structure & fins and NKE instrumentation.

“With a cat like Addictive Sailing, you can cover a vast amount more miles in a day. If you’re sailing a 50-foot monohull, a good day might be 200 miles. On a similar size cat, you can do 400 miles with great ease. So there’s a lot more speed potential, which is quite attractive. Plus, the cat is comfortable to sail, it’s relative flat and it’s a dryer ride.”

There are other benefits as well, said Lucy. “I think back to when I started sailing, and compared to then, nowadays cats are so much safer, stronger and more reliable. And from a chartering point of view, if you charter a monohull you’re generally going to need a crew house. With a big cat like Addictive Sailing, you can stay aboard if you wish and don’t need to spend the additional money for accommodations. To me, that’s another really attractive feature.”

“Multihull racing may be the direction the sport’s going in,” she concluded. “Monohull sailors may think they’re the clever ones, but it’s probably multihull sailors who are ahead of the curve.”

This incredible boat has 4 double cabins, easy to handle, easy maintenance, light and still offering unique catamaran racing pleasure. Available for the Caribbean Season 2020, East Coast of the USA between May and July and then in the Mediterranean from August to October before coming back to the Caribbean.

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