TS5 - Addictive Sailing

The TS5

Addictive Sailing,

a multihull designed

with impressive performance,

speed and comfort

Designed by professional sailors the TS5 combines racing performance with comfort. These boats have made headlines for being among the fastest liveable multihulls in the world, having already recorded 23 knots in 18 knots of wind while reaching and able to cover more than 400nm per day!

  • Rotating Mast
  • Fully Carbon cross structure & carbon daggerboards
  • NKE Instumentation
  • 23 knots in 18 knots of wind
  • More than 400nm per day
  • Full racing sail inventory 
  • 4 double cabins
  • 2 heads
  • Spacious open plan living space
  • Equipped galley including sink, a cooking plate, an oven and an air cooled 115L refrigerator.

Fastest liveable multihulls in the world

Speed & Performance Combined

Addictive Sailing TS5

Available for Charter

Rapid growth in the market for multihulls; and the technological advances in the industry enable newer boats to be fast, safe and comfortable. In most sailing conditions multi-hulls are faster than monohulls, their hulls are less immersed in the water and have a smaller area in the water to create drag.

The TS5 -Addictive Sailing is available for charter in the Caribbean, East Coast of the USA between May and July and then in the Mediterranean from August to October before coming back to the Caribbean.