Volvo Ocean 65

The Volvo Ocean 65 one-design boat was the brainchild of Farr Yacht Design. The Volvo Ocean 65 offers superb performance in a very strong and durable hull. Having sailing twice around the world, with no structural issues – they are a testament to the excellent build quality and ongoing maintenance management to keep them in top condition ahead of the third lap of the planet in 2021. With speeds recorded in excess of 30knots the boats are capable of blistering quick exhilarating sailing.

At 65ft LOA the yachts are slightly shorter than the previous generation of Volvo Open 70s but are more reliable and robust, whilst still being a very high performance racing boat.

We have Childhood, Ambersail 2 & former Vestas 11th Hour Racing -Austrian Ocean Racing Project and Sailing Poland currently available for charter.


  • Canting Keel
  • Water ballast
  • Twin rudders
  • Southern spars rig
  • Twin wheels

Sail Wardrobe

  • 3Di main
  • J0 J1 J2 J3
  • A3, A4
  • Fractional Code 0
  • Masthead Code 0
  • Storm Jib